Plutohome/LinuxMCE Orbiter for Nokia Internet Tablet


This is an application which implements a control panel for open source home automation system Plutohome and LinuxMCE. OS2005, OS2006 and OS2007 are supported. All development is done by Plutohome development team. Here you can find a maemo wrapper and binary packages only.

One click installation

One click installation is available here (for OS2007 is actually needed three clicks).


02/09/08 New Orbiter for OS2008 is available for downloading. There are following bug-fixes:

After testing that version will be placed into public LinuxMCE repository to provide one click installation and upgrade already installed versions.

26/12/07 Built new LinuxMCE 0704 Orbiter. The main changes are following:

So, you can download and test it.

29/11/07 Build the LinuxMCE Orbiter and all dependencies for new OS2008 (the Orbiter is available in TAR archive only, the package is coming soon). They can be downloaded from the project page on Maemo Garage under section OS2008.